Many Birth Mothers do not have someone in their life that recognizes them as a Mother and acknowledges during important moments. By donating a SOLACE Box to a Birth Mother, you can help ensure that a woman who nurtured, birthed and thoughtfully chose adoption for her child feels supported in embracing herself as a mother, and ultimately as a woman.


The products included in the SOLACE boxes are local (Erie, PA) or small business items, so in addition to nurturing the spirit of a Birth Mom, you are also supporting small businesses! 

Donations are accepted year round and in any denomination.


Recipients of donated SOLACE boxes are determined primarily through our networks of Birth Moms known to us, or Birth Parent support organizations with whom we collaborate, as well as nominations from the general public.


Nominations are made by friends, family of birth mothers, or self-nominations can be made by the Birth Mother.


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